iFlight, the succex-e f4 v2.2 & INAV

von Ulf Schleth

iflight succex-e f4 V1 (partly)

iflight succex-e f4 V1 (partly)

As i wrote in an older article, i did a 7″ longrange-build with INAV a while ago. One late night, i (NEVER work tired!) tried to optimize the Video but accidentally soldered around on the flightcontroller while it was powered and managed it to destroy the OSD and maybe other parts on the board also. The ESC still was completely OK. I found the same Version of the FC, the iflight succex-e f4, in version 1 on ebay and bought it. The articles picture showed the correct FC. I ordered it, but when i received it, as you already guessed, it was not version 1, it was the newest version, 2.2.

I wrote an email to the ebay seller. I had to explain what exactly i meant and made a picture for them. They were very kind and immediately refunded the nearly 50 euro i paid for the FC. Of course i didn’t threw it away and decided to invest my time instead of the spared 50 euros to get the thing running with INAV.

The first thing i had to do was to change the plug to the ESC. With the inspiration of a Jonathan Bardwell Video i looked a long time ago, a good amnount of patience and a needle (which shouldn’t be to thin), it was no problem to make a new wire out of the two FC->ESC wires.

The 3 Versions of this FC are pretty different. You may have a look at photos of all three here in the intoFPV Forum (btw. thanks to the people there!). Unfortunately as i write this, a lot of time has passed by and i don’t remeber anything i did, so i have to reconstruct things according to that forum thread. You can also read some funny things there, especially iFlights funny reactions to my questions. So, according to the thread, i took the BETAFLIGHTF4 target and modified it, without having any clue of target.h filkes. that was interesting. For example i learned by trial-and-error, that in the target.h pins seems to be disable by ANDing their number with 0xffff. So if you have a target which is working okay, look for them:

#define TARGET_IO_PORTB (0xffff & ~(BIT(2)))

So if you want/have to use PB2, comment out that line with two slashes. Do not use a #, that is not a comment in C/C++. If more than one Pin is disabled, remove just the ones you need.

After i got anything i needed to run, i tried to activate camera control; there is something that pretends to be a camera-control-pin on the v2.2 board. Unfortunately, INAV doesn’t support camera control. I fiddled around with code by a guy called Alex Martynov several times in some months, at one attempt i damaged my camera trying to solder it properly to the board. Again: NEVER work tired! If somebody manages it to get it to work, please let me know.

Finally, you will find my working target in this zip-file. Download it and extract the contained  directory into the src/main/target subfolder of your inav-source. Then, follow the INAV build HOWTO. When you are at “Building the firmware” and in the “build” directory, do a “make IFLIGHTF4_SUCCEXEV22”. I last successfully compiled it with INAV 4.0 – i am flying regularly with that build. Feel welcome to tell me, if you have problems with it or if you enhance it somehow.

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