AOS 3.5 short review

AOS 3.5 short review - Foto: Ulf Schleth

You have seen one of Chris Rossers Youtube Videos. If you you are a collector, a viribration avoiding extremist, you maybe already know that you want to buy this frame. If you are unsure, here are the few words I have to say.

Dankbar with a drop of bitterness – FPV shot for a music video of FiNiSHT feat. WorldofSpiceBoy

Dankbar – FPV shot for a music video of WorldofSpiceBoy — Foto: Ulf Schleth

It was a cold winter in 2022 when WorldofSpiceBoy, a german language rap crew, asked me to do something i never did before, to shoot some FPV scenes for their new music video on youtube.

First Props – learning fpv during the pandemic – FPV exercises showreel

first props - learning fpv during the pandemic - wild east preview image Video: Ulf Schleth

It started just before the first lockdown when I came across some FPV footage. Intrigued, I immediately embarked on my journey into FPV. Now, having reached a significant milestone, I would like to share some training footage here.

FPV go out and fly – basic checklist

you are forgetting everything? it's not your age, you just need a checklist! Photo: Ulf Schleth

you are forgetting everything? it’s not your age, you just need a checklist!

Earphones for the Skyzone CobraX

skyzone cobra x earphone adapter

You want to plug an earphone into your Skyzone CobraX? Here is how to do it.

vu: A simple image viewer widget for EdgeTX radios with big screens – maybe also for OpenTX and smaller screens

vu: A simple image viewer for EdgeTX radios with big screens

Do you know that situation when you are on the field but don’t remember the right stick positions to enter the OSD,  recalibrate the magnetometer or something else? Or the need to view a checklist, a VTX frequency chart, your pilot’s license or similar stuff? Do you want to store into your radios memory what doesn’t fit into yours?

iFlight, the succex-e f4 v2.2 & INAV

iflight succex-e f4 V1 (partly)

A short text about iflights lack of supporting INAV and INAVs lack of supporting camera control pins, why it is not good to solder when you are tired and an INAV target for you.

Ultimate FPV Beginner Guide // How To Build Long Range FPV Drone by Drone Mesh // Meine erster Long Range Build

Lonng Range Drohne - Ready to Fly (Foto: Ulf Schleth)

Meine erster Long Range Build, frei nach einem nicht ganz perfekten HOWTO von Drone Mesh.

¡Reclaim the Luftraum! – Wie man auch auch ohne eigene Armee und DJI FPV – Drohne ins Drohnenfliegen einsteigen kann.

Der Autor beim Verlassen seines Körpers. Foto: Ulf Schleth

Nicht nur, daß das freestyle FPV (First-Person-View)-Fliegen eine Erweiterung des menschlichen Körpers darstellt und den Piloten mit dem fliegenden Auge zum Cyborg der Lüfte macht und dem echten Leben einen Spectator-Mode verleiht, es gab dazu auch noch eine internationale Community, in der sich alle möglichen Leute versammelten: Coole, uncoole, junge, alte, männliche, weibliche, nicht-binär einzuordnende, dicke, dünne, mit verschiedensten Hautfarben, arme, reiche, Spießer und Spontis.

Ein kurzes Signal beim Einschalten / Drohnenfinder

Signal beim Einschalten

Manchmal braucht man ein akustisches Signal, wenn man etwas einschaltet. Zum Beispiel zum Finden einer Drohne in einem Meer aus Gras. Eine Bauanleitung.