FPV go out and fly – basic checklist

von Ulf Schleth

you are forgetting everything? it's not your age, you just need a checklist! Photo: Ulf Schleth

you are forgetting everything? it’s not your age, you just need a checklist! Photo: Ulf Schleth

Nearly every third time when i go out to fly i have forgotten something essential and have to go back home to fetch it. Either the batteries are empty, i forgot to throw the Crossfire-module into my backpack, to check the Motor screws and don’t have a screwdriver to do it on the field, i did not charge/check something or sometimes i even forget the drone itself. Sometimes you go to a field far away. When there isn’t somebody else who can help out, you are fucked. Okay, ou are not fucked, because every of this moments is one step more to learn that it’s all part of FPV and FPV is just another form of ZEN buddhism. You have to get over it, overcome your anger and ant to recognize that you have the great new opportunity to explore and enjoy the nature of the field without the noise of your freaky drone.

Practicing your mindfulness helps very much, but it’s hard work to really internalize it. Some FPV guys told me, i should buy a seperate expensive backpack for my drone stuff so i don’t have to pack it every time. That may help, but believe me, it’s not enough. In consequence, i looked for an ESSENTIAL checklist. I found this one by the german Federal Aviation Office (in german language), but didn’t find it very useful (“UAS assembled?” Really?). I started an own one. You may print it out thousands of times and make your checkmarks each time before you fly or just print it out once and stick it onto your wall. With started i mean, i will update it, if i think something is missing or you will make a good suggestion. Maybe. I also want to keep it small. If you would like to have stuff like Radio/FC configuring in it, make your own one. Of course a lot of things are missing. For example, taking zip ties and/or tape with you is always a good idea, but i had only 2 broken zip ties in 2 years, so i left them out.

You may download it here or below, as you like it.

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