First Props – learning fpv during the pandemic – FPV exercises showreel

by Ulf Schleth

It started just before the first lockdown when I came across some FPV footage. Intrigued, I immediately embarked on my journey into FPV. Now, having reached a significant milestone, I would like to share some training footage here. This footage was not intended for “cinematic” purposes or any other specific use; it was spontaneous, filmed with dirty lenses, without choreography, and absolutely no masterplan. Balancing family, work, and various interests leaves little time for practice. Being on a budget requires improvisation. Naturally, progress may be slower compared to others, but it is still achievable. Patience enables you to compensate, to a certain extent, for the lack of time and money.

The initial flights I undertook were with a modified toy-grade drone. Despite being underpowered, lightweight, and performing poorly, it provided a great deal of enjoyment. It served as an excellent introduction to soldering and flying without the fear of incurring significant losses in case of damage or loss.

first props – reclaim the luftraum. Musik: Hazy After Hours by Alejandro Magaña/

The first “real” FPV build was a 7-inch for 4s batteries. I think i decided to do that because 7s is suitable for long range and cinematic flying. Related to the 1s brushed-motor toy before this was an unbelievable enhancement.

first props – learning fpv during the pandemic – wild east 1 – Music: “Delirium” by Eugenio Mininni/

In and around Berlin there are lots of good places to fly. Even if it is sometimes complicated to find a location where the legal regulations are fullfilled, especialy with the mandatory minimum distance from residential areas, but there are still enough Fields, lost places and parks where you can fly.

first props – learning fpv during the pandemic – acker 1 – Music: “Deep Urban” by Eugenio Mininni/

Some places are far away and if you don’t have a car for environmental reasons, you will have to take a long trip by public transport and bicycle.

first props – learning fpv during the pandemic – wind park 1 – Music: “Hip Hop 02″ by Lily J/

The third build i did was a 3,5” one below 250g. With batteries > 650mAh it is kind of overweight with a GoPro, but it is great to have something which allows you to fly into the thicket.

first props – learning fpv during the pandemic – durchs dickicht – Music: “Vocal Percussions” by Diego Nava/

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